Who Needs It Most?

Instead of doing a full blown game breakdown, this section will be devoted on a day to day basis during the last month of the season to the teams that need wins the most!

We’re going to narrow the scope this evening and focus on four (and a half) teams that could really use big wins.

Syracuse (18-9, Last Four In)

  • I currently have Syracuse as the second to last team IN the current field. What are they lacking? Big Wins. What would a win against North Carolina mean? A big win. It won’t be as easy as the scenario seems but if Syracuse wins tonight, projected resume would have them moving up anywhere from 3-5 spots on the overall seed list.

Louisville (18-9, 5th team OUT of the tournament)

  • Rinse and repeat from the Syracuse situation except Louisville needs it more. They have just three total wins between quadrant one and quadrant two. The Cardinals are at Duke tonight and don’t tell anybody tell you otherwise, this is a MUST win. A win at Duke would likely put Louisville as my last team IN the tournament.

Texas (16-11)/ Kansas State (19-8) (#39 and #40 on my seed list)

  • I currently have Kansas State at #39 and Texas at #40 on my seed list. An opportunity against each other that is absolutely critical. While a win would carry slightly more weight for Texas, Kansas State has plenty to play for as well. If Kansas State wins tonight, I think one additional win might seal the deal for them to dance. Texas on the other hand has a record problem. 11 losses with Kansas and West Virginia (plus B12 tournament) remaining on the schedule means they need to rack up wins. No better place to start than in Manhattan Kansas this evening.

Florida (17-10, #28 on my seed list)

  • Florida is the half a team I was talking about up top. Personally I don’t think the Gators are in much trouble and a loss AT Tennessee certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world. The Gators have compiled several quality wins and appear to be in a good spot. Why are they on the list? Their RPI.. The only negative thing that sticks out about the Gators resume is their mysteriously poor RPI. Whats the best way to improve that? A win at Tennessee would certainly improve their RPI rank of 65.